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What Sets Apart RPO By RWG?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services by RWG America is a specialized staffing service wherein we manage a part or all of the recruitment process of our clients. Our team has both the reach and knowledge to help you achieve your organizational goals. Our wide footprint across the US market enables to close in on important workforce gaps.

Why outsource recruitment to RWG?

As a skill-focussed and talent-first recruitment firm, RWG America:

  • Specializes in a wide range of skills in automation, advanced analytics, cyber security, cloud computing, big data and bio sciences 
  • Works with industry specialists who regularly support and train candidates in their respective domains 

Our RPO managers oversee the end-to-end hiring and recruitment including job profiling, on-boarding new hires, orienting staff and managing reporting. With meticulous execution and management, RPO improves on the time required by the company to hire along with the quality of the candidates. 

The RWG RPO team also ensures exchange of verifiable metrics, reduces cost and improves on governmental compliance. 

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RPO Stats

RPO by RWG America is result-oriented to the point where each and every metric symbolizes excellence. Sample these:       

RWG Placement Guarantee

30 days

Placement Guarantee

RWG Placement Guarantee

100 %

Placement Rate

RWG Profile match

99 %

Profile match

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